With the right data, you don’t have to wait for the end of the year or quarter to initiate meaningful change. At CVG, we believe that information is a powerful tool that lends confidence and resilience to decisions. This is especially true when we perform budget allocation, process revamping, or workflow restructuring. That’s why it is crucial to integrate data mining into every aspect of your planning.

What is Task Mining?

Task Mining records and analyzes actions with the goal of intensively understanding activities to enable businesses to optimize their processes and workflows. CVG’s smart solutions for Task Mining cover descriptive as well as predictive data mining so you can monitor the general properties of data and predict how a change will affect the overall working and productivity.

CVG goes beyond installing software—we run detailed studies on the various tasks performed by employees across departments and workflows to identify tasks that are more suited for automation, outsourcing, expansion, etc.

In An Ever-Growing World, Data Rules. It’s Everywhere and it is a record of activities and actions that can fuel productivity and growth.

Businesses are always evolving to improve processes and enhance productivity— but with task mining their vision is backed with evidence. The biggest advantage of working with CVG’s Task Mining unit is that we know how to get you to best use your valuable assets – people, time, and money. We can aid you in making data-backed and evidence-based decisions, after all, the call on whether you should shrink, grow, or maintain your team or invest in new technology can be crucial to your success. Here are more benefits of Task Mining:

  • We automatically identify and aggregate employee workflows, to help you determine how work gets done and how to optimize your resources. 
  • By leveraging user interaction data we give you the opportunity to understand how employees perform their tasks by monitoring user actions and collecting user interaction data. 
  • These insights help measure the success of a change in process and predict roadmaps for the future as well.
  • Businesses can observe how their teams and individual members handle processes and then identify the bottlenecks easily.
  • Once the landscape of tasks and performance is clear, it is easy for a business to allocate resources, and automate or eliminate tasks. 
  • We capture individual steps involved across multiple users, providing customized insights for the optimization of individual actions. 

Task Mining And Data Security: We value the trust you place when we collaborate and we ensure that all your data is secure and processed as per privacy laws