CVG is the go-to online platform for client payroll and human resource data management. Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your workflows once we take over tedious tasks that prevent you from focussing on your core business.

We believe that leaders should have the time and energy to motivate the team and personally connect with employees—so we take care of all the other mundane tasks.

With CVG at the helm, you get a full-service payroll department completely automated for your team—without any delay, error, or hassle.

Smart. Seamless. Simple.

We understand that dynamic factors influence payroll every month (or week or cycle), making it time-consuming to execute it perfectly. That’s why we have made it absolutely simple to pay your people—in a timely and compliant manner.

Outsourcing payroll is popular—not just for large enterprises but also for new start-ups—because it frees up your time and saves money. Our consolidated solutions for payroll let you eliminate all errors as we record timesheets, work rates, overtime, and several other factors. Each payment cycle is verified and executed seamlessly, and we share our reports for your analysis and records.

Here’s what CVG’s Payroll Management Solutions can do for you: