Every business aims at productivity – typically measured in higher revenue, lower costs, and better customer satisfaction. It is only a motivated and inspired workforce that can enable such productivity At CVG, we work closely with leaders to enhance the productivity of the employees using reliable data-driven insights. We are skilled at making sense of a vast pool of data to offer pragmatic solutions for effective employee engagement, productivity, retention, and lots more.

As a consultancy, we focus on advising organizational leaders to play an important role in making people’s transformation into powerful human resources a success. We base our advice on our extensive experience as well as our ability to decipher information to provide actionable advice. Each project is aimed at creating a firm foundation on which a company can grow and predict profitability.

Innovation and productivity are the two pillars of a company’s success and continuous learning is vital for both.

We live in a world of digital disruption, where technology is my key to battling competitors, and most successful leaders share the viewpoint as they are steadfast in their support for investing in HR technology. An innovative HR system can boost employee morale and support their contributions to the company’s future. That’s why we provide an employee analytics platform and performance management system with recommendations for reward schemes.

Human resource management— it’s about relationships. Making people’s working lives better, supporting others, and helping employees thrive. These are all vital but sometimes remain limited only to effective communication and outdated reward systems. This means data is ignored, despite it having a huge role to play in meeting these lofty goals.

We know that a pragmatic organization uses HR data and analytics to make informed decisions on managing and developing their workforce to deliver on their business strategy. While each project and company we work with receives a tailor-made solution, we typically approach the Human Resource Productivity with a three-pronged approach.

  • The individual level is the most basic unit of analysis where our insights play a critical role in employee engagement, activity, and productivity. We value the role of each member of a team and we use data and workflows to provide insights into how to improve performance as well as engagement.
  • The productivity at the managerial level is benchmarked against other businesses in similar industries to benefit from the best practices. The productivity of managers is crucial to keep the mid-level employees motivated as they serve as a bridge between the leader’s vision and the executive’s focus
  • The third level encompasses the whole organization. It can answer critical questions about organizational resiliency and work culture.

Why work with us

Project Management Consultancy specializing in Tasks Mining, Payroll Solutions since 2020

Why should I hand over the task of suggesting the directions for future growth for my company?
Glad you asked! We provide a clearer picture of your business activities and suggest ways in which they can be improved based on our vast experience. We also take away the hassle of tedious tasks, giving you the ability to focus on your core functions.

CVG enables companies to streamline and optimize operations, workload, team structure, customer journey, and lots more by identifying the most effective examples and gathering data to predict the effect of disseminating the practices across an organization.

We help you Improve Productivity
CVG has a track record of improving productivity across departments by focusing on the vision of the company. We can easily measure, tweak and enhance productivity using automatic data collection. We collect markers for productivity across multiple places of the employee workflow and the customer journey to provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your niche industry.

Focus on the solution
Would your employee benefit from social media access control or would it dampen their morale? Or do your customers typically conform to the marketing personas? You could decide based on a personal opinion, but what if all such questions were answered with the confidence of a measured behavioral change? We can identify and resolve the unproductive and disruptive aspects of your business and make suggestions for improvement.

Time saved is money earned
In a data-driven world, tracking the time is now history. You can do a lot more with Optimus Hive. So, it’s time to Replace timesheets with your own customized automatic time tracker, which will display your real working hours and the start/end of the working day on a regular basis.

Improved communication
Our suggestions are built around user-friendly processes to understand, analyze, and implement and the greatest advantage of these seamless transitions is a measured improvement in communication. We ensure that there is a clear and smooth channel of communication between employees, teams as well as customers, and company mouthpieces.