Welcome to CVG, a niche consultancy firm specializing in Project Management and Human Resource Optimisation. For over two decades we have fueled enterprise acceleration by combining user interaction data with business goals to design comprehensive growth maps leading to success.

Simply speaking, we carefully connect scattered dots of information to create a clear picture of a business and consult on the best practices that can propel comprehensive growth. In our experience, the competitive nature of business leads to a vision where innovation takes priority over tedious tasks and analysis of employee engagement. Our specialized consultants support the productivity of an organization and let you focus on your core functions.

There is a notion that a start-up needs to be ruthless, however, we believe that a new business needs to manage projects efficiently in a data-driven approach that supports its people. We pride ourselves on the services we provide to a growing enterprise, by integrating technology to respond to the demands of growth as well as restructuring. Here’s why we are the best partner for you:


We are guided by the belief that success is easier to achieve if the leaders can leverage insights into their employees and clients. We aim to provide actionable feedback on Human Resources, Employee Satisfaction as well as Processes to support the vision of our clients. We are a bunch of curious-minded, data-driven consultants that foster collaboration and productivity.


To create a seamless integration of consulting and business operation that leads to long-term benefits to a company’s work culture, processes as well as bottom line.


Whatever gets measured, gets improved.
As a company, we firmly believe that in today’s world there is enough information available to make informed decisions and with our support, everyone can better their chances of success.

Why work with us

Project Management Consultancy specializing in Tasks Mining, Payroll Solutions since 2020

Why should I hand over the task of suggesting the directions for future growth for my company?
Glad you asked! We provide a clearer picture of your business activities and suggest ways in which they can be improved based on our vast experience. We also take away the hassle of tedious tasks, giving you the ability to focus on your core functions.

CVG enables companies to streamline and optimize operations, workload, team structure, customer journey, and lots more by identifying the most effective examples and gathering data to predict the effect of disseminating the practices across an organization.

We help you Improve Productivity
CVG has a track record of improving productivity across departments by focusing on the vision of the company. We can easily measure, tweak and enhance productivity using automatic data collection. We collect markers for productivity across multiple places of the employee workflow and the customer journey to provide comprehensive solutions that are tailored to your niche industry.

Focus on the solution
Would your employee benefit from social media access control or would it dampen their morale? Or do your customers typically conform to the marketing personas? You could decide based on a personal opinion, but what if all such questions were answered with the confidence of a measured behavioral change? We can identify and resolve the unproductive and disruptive aspects of your business and make suggestions for improvement.

Time saved is money earned
In a data-driven world, tracking the time is now history. You can do a lot more with Optimus Hive. So, it’s time to Replace timesheets with your own customized automatic time tracker, which will display your real working hours and the start/end of the working day on a regular basis.

Improved communication
Our suggestions are built around user-friendly processes to understand, analyze, and implement and the greatest advantage of these seamless transitions is a measured improvement in communication. We ensure that there is a clear and smooth channel of communication between employees, teams as well as customers, and company mouthpieces.