Strategic Planning

We work with you to address the future uncertainties and risk management relevant to your business. Opportunities and threats prosper in macro-and micro-economic trends and form compelling, powerful, and responsive strategies when analyzed and interpreted correctly. Our comprehensive range of strategic planning services and capabilities can help companies develop a long-term, robust, scenario-based strategy that can help accelerate their transformation into high-performance businesses. Our professionals have extensive experience assisting organizations to address all the critical aspects of strategic planning.

Financial Management

Our expert financial management team supports all the banking and investment needs of the business. We provide corporate finance and strategic consulting services to finance business ventures across UAE and beyond. We provide flexible and comprehensive financing solutions to consistently help the business grow, expand, and meet all the cash flow objectives. We believe that confidentiality is our priority, which is why we take appropriate measures to protect your confidential information from unauthorized access.


Our accounting team provides high-tech financial accounting services and bookkeeping services to companies across UAE. Our experts stay on top of the regulatory changes and understand your business to provide expert advice, helping your business cope with the ever-changing business environment. We recognize that up-to-date and reliable financial data is critical to keeping clients competing in today’s vibrant business conditions. We help entities comply with international accounting standards, policies, legislation, and regulations, varying across borders.

Growth strategy planning

Our research has shown that high-performance businesses continuously invest in profitable growth opportunities available in the market. At CVG, we partner with our clients to develop and execute growth strategies through a combination of:

  • Introducing new products and services
  • Entering new customer segments
  • Expanding into new geographies

We help clients formulate their growth ambition and then identify, qualify and select the best ways to convert the most compelling growth ideas into revenue, market share, and competitive advantage.

Business valuation

Business Valuations require assigning value to any business and its future cash flow generation potential. Valuations require a deep understanding of the enterprises’ markets and how each asset can contribute to or translate into future cash flow generation.

Our Business Valuations team performs business entities’ valuations, intellectual property, intangible assets, partnership interests, and other products. These business valuation services assist clients with mergers, acquisitions and dispositions, taxation planning and compliance, financial reporting, bankruptcy and reorganization, litigation and dispute resolution, and strategic planning.

Financial Due Diligence

Our financial due diligence service provides peace of mind to our clients by focusing on the target business’s relevant aspects as necessary by our clients. We follow a systematic approach towards analyzing and reviewing financial, commercial, legal, and operational information provided for strategic transactions such as M&A, IPOs, capital market deals, and funds. We have robust knowledge and experience in a diverse range of business sectors to provide a reliable and thorough financial assessment.